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1. Have you been notified of flood map changes in your area?

2. Does your mortgage company require you to carry costly flood insurance?

3. Has your home been free of flood damage since you have owned it?

4. Do you want to eliminate the flood insurance on your property?

5. Are you paying for flood insurance you don't want?

If you have answered yes to any of these.. Read On!!

You are required to carry flood insurance because your mortgage company has determined that at least a portion of your property is located in a SFHA with a 1% annual chance of flooding. The federal government requires flood insurance on properties located in a SFHA unless the flood zone is changed or clarified by FEMA. In at least  60% of the cases we have reviewed the flood zone determination was wrong and insurance should not be required.

You have the right to dispute the flood zone determination and have it changed if it is wrong. Be proactive and get informed. It's your money you are wasting!! And it is your money you will save each year. 

The average cost for a single family flood insurance policy is $800.00 annually. During the term of your mortgage you will easily spend $24,000.00 on flood insurance premiums when you take into consideration that the amount of premium due will increase each year. 

The fact is that not only are you wasting a considerable amount of money, but in addition, properties that have a flood zone designation attached to them are harder to sell and do not bring the full potential value when they are sold. This is due to the flood zone designation and the additional cost associated with owning the property.  

We can help you change this...

Since 1986 the professionals at Flood Zone Specialists, Inc. have successfully represented homeowners with flood zone changes and saved them millions of dollars in wasted premiums. Our extensive contact network with FEMA and knowledge of the procedures and requirements for a flood zone change enable us to obtain flood zone changes for our clients. Because we carefully assemble and review each case we are able to predetermine the outcome of each case we review. Only those cases that have received our pre approval are submitted to FEMA final review and approval. 100% of the pre approved cases we submit to FEMA for a flood zone change are approved by them.

Our services are offered on a flat fee basis. Once your flood zone change is approved you are entitled to a full refund of any NFIP policy premiums paid for the current year. Your refund generally covers our fee so the cost to you may be absolutely nothing. From then on it is money in the bank for you each year!!

Are you ready to start saving???

The fist step is to let the Flood Zone Specialists provide you with a free evaluation of your property and the current flood zone. We have determined that over 60% of the flood zones nationwide are incorrect and can be changed. Is your property one of these?

Once we have reviewed your case file and have determined if the flood zone on your property can be changed we will contact you with our determination. If we have determined that your property can be removed from the flood zone successfully our next step is to petition FEMA for the flood zone change on your behalf. Only those cases that we have pre approved are forwarded to FEMA for final review and approval. We maintain a 100% approval rate on the pre approved cases we submit to FEMA. The process takes approximately 4-8 weeks from the date of submission.

Once the final approval is issued by FEMA you are entitled to a full refund of the flood insurance premiums you have paid for the current year as long as the policy is a  NFIP policy and no claim has been filed. Or if you choose you can obtain a preferred risk policy with the amount of coverage you would like rather than the full amount of your mortgage. When making your decision regarding your flood insurance policy changes consult with your insurance agent and decide which option is best for you. Either way you save each year. 

What would you do with an extra $24,000.00?

The end result is our service may not cost you anything. And each year forward you save. As a bonus you have also increased the value of your property and made it easier to sell.

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